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Sellers Hall

Sellers Hall, built 1684, was home to the first registered resident in Upper Darby. Samuel Sellers, along with his brother George, settled on this property c1682, living in a cave until the completion of the house. This is the ancestral home of the Sellers family from which later generations, all descended from Samuel, built their residences in the surrounding area. Not only were the Sellers one of the families whose history in this country precedes the founding of our Nation, but they were & still are very prominent in society. They have made many contributions locally as well as nationally, which are recorded in our history. They were also well known abolitionists, along with the Garrett & Pennock families. Sellers Hall is linked to the Underground Railroad, being one of the homesteads that gave shelter to slaves seeking freedom. The house stands now on the grounds of St. Alice Parish, in Upper Darby, PA, which adds another interesting chapter into this homes past.



On May 1, 2013, the Heritage Commission of Delaware County presented Friends of Sellers Hall an award at its 35th Annual Preservation Awards ceremony.  FOSH received the Special Project Award for its efforts to save Sellers Hall.  Noting the fact Sellers Hall is the oldest English colonial structure in Upper Darby plus the contributions of the Sellers family in the areas of industry, science and social activities, the Heritage Commission recognized FOSH for not only saving Sellers Hall from imminent demolition, but for its continuing efforts to stabilize and restore the historic house.


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